We’re excited to share our Net Promoter Score®

We recently asked our clients about how they feel about their relationship with Alliance. Their response was an overwhelmingly positive Net Promoter Score and affirmation of the commitment to excellence we deliver on every day.

NPS® score of 80

How satisfied are you with the service and professionalism of your Alliance team?

NPS® score of 76

How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?

We’re grateful for comments like these:

Alliance has always been very prompt with information and responses and very professional in all of our interactions. The people I’ve had contact with at Alliance have been very knowledgeable and professional, and a pleasure to work with. I place much value on my relationship with Alliance.

I am really pleased with our representatives at Alliance for their prompt response to our questions and giving me help when I need.

We have worked with Rosemary for many years after having experienced other firms and she is the best. Always available, helpful, knowledgeable and pleasant.

We have been very pleased with the level of service from Alliance ever since we began the relationship over a year ago.

Great job as always! Alliance staff is always helpful and a pleasure to work with. Also excellent service. Highly reliable. Always helpful and pleasant to speak with. Always helpful and quick in responding to my questions or concerns.

Any questions or requests always get answered quickly and completely.

Chad and Bobby have been long-time partners with us. We so value that partnership and the expertise that they both bring to our organization. They are attentive, helpful and responsive with all of our needs. Similarly, the tools, portal and reports are easy to manage and provide information sharing and reports whenever needed.

Alliance is professional and detail oriented. Extremely responsive to questions and always gets the answers. The lack of turnover in our relationship is HUGELY valuable.

Always responsive and willing to find a solution for our unique needs even though we are a small company. Always very professional and helpful

Ellie, is wonderful to work with.

The team is always responsive and I appreciate the professionalism and friendly demeanor

Every now and again there’s a bit of a disconnect with the information I receive, but the response time, responsibility, integrity, and knowledge the staff at Alliance exhibits is terrific. I have recommended Alliance. Good Relationships built.

Great service, quick response, very knowledgeable- the only critique I have is that employees need to work on their introduction speech when meeting a client after the conversion- as this has not been smooth Sarah Derfiny is our Pension Administrator and she is absolutely fantastic! She is always extremely helpful and patient! I am very pleased with the service that we receive from Lauren. She has always been very helpful. Jeff and Tim and the whole team has done a great job. It has been a pleasure to team up. I appreciate the emails letting me know the steps i need to take to do what is needed. otherwise, I have no idea what I’m supposed to do.

I don’t like the fact that I have to go into the website on a regular basis and complete various tasks. I wish forms could simply be sent to me to fill out and return to Alliance.

I have not had a lot of contact with Joe Petras since I am the Bookkeeper and not the owner, but what contact I have had has been great. Joe seems very nice, professional and knowledgeable. I love you guys.

Always professional and timely.

I couldn’t be happier with Sarah as our Client Manager on the DFS plan. She has the answers, gets back to me in a timely manner and is always pleasant to speak to no matter what the circumstances are.

Alliance has been extremely user friendly. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

We value the expertise, responsiveness and candor of our Alliance Team. We consider them a critical partner for our retirement program and rely on them greatly. You’re great

Agnes is my main contact. She is great.

The team is helpful, responsive and timely. We are very satisfied. The team we work with is responsive, supportive and always willing to answer my many questions.

Very cordial, friendly and helpful crew!!

I was very impressed with all of our Alliance team members! Very knowledgeable, efficient, responsive, and a pleasure to deal with! Tim did an amazing job managing the project!

It is great working with your team. We are a start up plan and things have moved smoothly from the beginning.

Jaime Carcelli has been the most helpful administrator assigned to our account so far. She has helped streamline processes that were being done manually; she has answered the numerous questions that I have posed to her, all with a cheerful attitude and a willingness to help. I can’t stress strongly enough how helpful she has been in the admin of our plan and I absolutely love working with her.

Jaime is one of the best vendor reps I’ve ever had in 25 years or HR. She has made the experience with Alliance so smooth and easy.

Jeff and Lauren are always very helpful. They have made our transition easy! I believe in trust as the foundation of any relationship. Your company exudes honesty and professionalism every day. This leads to trust and a great at relationship.

Joe has been so fun to work with. Not a typical personality you see in a retirement situation. His responsiveness is great also. It’s been fun! Theresa and Bobby’s patience in a difficult situations has been amazing and appreciate them both also.

Joe is awesome!

Joe Petras has always responded promptly to any requests from our end. He is diligent and detailed. He offers insight and best practice – could not ask for a better partner, Lauren Haslett is a great person to work with. She always answer my questions and her response time is fast.

Nichole is terrific.

You’ve always provided top line customer service and rapid response to questions and needs. It’s greatly appreciated.

The Alliance Team has been our Qualitied Plan employee since inception. We have been professionally advised on creation, structure, execution and maintenance. The Team has even overcome our lack of attention to keep us qualified, legal and looking forward. I am completely able to focus on my business and let Alliance handle our Plans. The Alliance team we work with is extremely knowledgeable, professional, capable, assessable and responsive. We are confident our participants are being well-served. Always get quick response back when I have a question!”

I appreciate the assistance and patience

Any questions or issues are addressed cordially and promptly.

Nick is very responsive and attentive to my needs. And whenever I need more or outside normal hours, I can always rely on George who is extremely knowledgeable and client-centric.

Nicole and Theresa have made our transition from Profit Planners go very smoothly. We are very happy with the quality of service we are receiving.

The staff is always very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. The team at Alliance is very timely with responses. Very knowledgeable, professional competent advisers. We are working with Bobby Loeb, Joe Petras, and Danny O’Neill. All three of our contacts have been knowledgeable, helpful, good follow through, I can’t say enough. We have had nothing but exceptional service from our pension administrator Lauren Haslet. We love working with Jaime and Jeff. Jaime took like a fish to water when learning about our account and worked hard to proactively support us. Jeff has been of great support over the many years we’ve been with Alliance Pension. With the complexities of all the items involved, the Alliance team barely skips a beat.

Lauren is great to work with.

Our Alliance contact, Nick Fast, does an incredible job of supporting our organization and making sure we are kept up to date on all things 401k plan-related.

Professional, Quick Response Time, Respond to questions in a timely manner. Everyone I deal with is very professional

Rosemary Raymer has been very helpful, supportive and quick to respond to our needs. Sarah Derfiny is great to work with! Always responsive, helpful and patient!

Staff is friendly knowledgeable and responsive

Jeff, Bobby and Jaime are great partners to work with. You’re professional while also down to earth and personable. I’d highly recommend.