Theresa E. Piotrowski


Theresa E. Piotrowski is a Principal of Alliance Pension Consultants, LLC. Joining Alliance in 1989, Theresa has dedicated herself to developing expertise in consulting and the administration of complex retirement plans.

Pursuing innovative solutions to client problems and leading the Alliance team are among her professional strengths. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics and Operations Research from the University of Illinois. Theresa has twice served on the Schwab Retirement Business Services Trust & Custody Advisory Board and is a member of the Plan Sponsor Council of America. She frequently speaks to professional groups on retirement planning and writes articles focusing on 401(k) issues and other retirement plan topics.

Leadership is not magnetic personality, that can just as well be a glib tongue. It is not “making friends and influencing people”, that is flattery. Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to higher sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations.

~ Peter F. Drucker

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