Plan Analysis

We collect pertinent data to make well-informed recommendations, including initiating a new retirement plan, freezing or closing an existing plan or modifying the provisions of an existing plan.


Plan Design

We help you understand the important considerations involved in establishing a total retirement program. Our experienced viewpoint will lead you through the implementation process to build a successful retirement program.


Plan Document

We draft all plan documents and forms and complete all the required steps to secure Internal Revenue Service (IRS) qualification of your plan. When it’s time to restate a document due to IRS compliance, we view this as an opportunity to reassess plan design, not just clear IRS hurdles. This process includes an initial consultation to review your objectives, an outline of steps and a timeline, a discussion of plan and procedural improvements and new documents, including the Summary Plan Description.


Actuarial Consulting and Certification

Our actuaries have years of experience servicing defined benefit, cash balance and retiree medical plans. Alliance’s offering includes a full range of actuarial consulting services, from plan design to projections of contribution and balance statement results. Our goal is to provide you with an opportunity to actively manage your plan instead of being subject to surprises year-over-year.


Sick Plans

Upon review, it may be determined that violations have occurred with the administration of a plan. We assist employers with their responsibilities in having these errors corrected through the Voluntary Fiduciary Correction Program (VFCP) and the Voluntary Correction Program (VCP).