Mutual Funds

In order to provide your clients the absolute best investment lineup, we have negotiated electronic trading arrangements with superior partners, including:


The above custodians offer over 20,000 mutual fund choices. To review a current list of funds, please Contact Us.



ETF Options

Our custodial partners offer a wide array of ETF options. To review a current list of ETFs, please Contact Us.


Custom Investment Models

Model Investment Portfolios

Custom model asset allocation portfolios can be constructed by the investment advisor to provide employees a diversified portfolio representing appropriate investment strategies to meet specific objectives, risk tolerance and/or time frame. Models may use the plan’s core fund lineup or can include mutual funds that are not available in the core menu. The models are rebalanced on a periodic basis to remain in line with each portfolio’s investment strategy.

Customized Target Retirement Funds

Leveraging off the custom model investment portfolios, investment advisors can create custom target retirement portfolios. These portfolios can serve as the ideal Qualified Default Investment Alternative for a retirement plan.


Unitized Investment Accounts

Advisors can develop customized investment funds comprising of individual stocks and bonds. Alliance will unitize the funds and include them in a plan’s investment lineup to offer a true value added.


Self-Directed Brokerage Accounts

Employees can establish a separate brokerage window to trade individual stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other investments. By utilizing the self-directed brokerage option, an employer satisfies the desire of savvy participants – senior executives or key decision makers –looking for investment choices beyond the plan’s core investment menu. Brokerage accounts are consolidated and reported on a trust level as required by the IRS.